India's food processing industry " money" scene is attractive

Time:2016-05-29 9:30:07

China and India, the two Asian continent has the largest population, the largest, has a long history in the territory of country, chose different economy to reform way, gained huge success however. Once the article entitled " India on China: on the back of the tiger dragon " coverage of topics that people pay more and more attention to the two most comparable countries.

Regardless of the GDP growth rate, foreign investment, national savings rate economists such as comparative viewpoint, from our daily life is closely related to food industry proceed with, let us have a look attractive prospects of India food industry.

India is a big country of agriculture and a population. In India, the food processing industry is the fastest growing, most promising industry. In recent years the government of India to the industry as the industry of preferential development, issued a series of preferential policies, to encourage agricultural products deep processing and comprehensive utilization and development, India food industry for nearly 10 years to get rapid development. Is expected in 2006 India will become the world's leading food processing machinery market demand. India food industry annual market size of 1.12 trillion rupees ( about RS 4875 $1), derivative of the added value of 510000000000 rupees.

With the high-speed development of social economy and the increasing demand for food industry, there are increasingly high requirements, the investors involved in food processing industry provides important opportunities.

In 1, India's agricultural climate and abundant vast raw material base is very suitable for the food processing industry, but these raw material have rarely been processed into value-added products, so there is a deep processing of development and utilization of resources.

In 2, the Indian average food consumption accounted for about 50% of household expenditure, and in consumption, low price of basic necessities of life. Within the next few years, wheat, flour and enhance the dairy spending will increase significantly.

In 3, along with the process of urbanization and the improvement of material and cultural level, will cause people to changes in consumption patterns, the future of health food demand will increase. Biscuit packaging, dairy products, soft drinks and fresh poultry and other popular food production will be the future a few years the rapid growth of the industry. At present, semi-finished and ready-to-eat food packaging industry output value of more than $1000000000, and an annual growth rate of 20%. Food packaging is an important potential consumer group is the full 250000000 people of the middle class, so the market prospect is capacious.

In order to attract foreign investment, the government of India also provides: almost all food and agricultural processing industry without industrial permit in the food industry for the vast majority of food production, foreign investors are allowed to set up in India Foreign capital company, only a few except food.

In the face of such a huge potential market, China food company is to continue to wait, or to set an example by personally taking part? Perhaps we can at the 2006 India food machinery and packaging exhibition and India 2006 ( Mumbai) International Food Fair to find the answer. The former is the Southeast Asian region the most professional food machinery and packaging exhibition one, is the Southeast Asian countries and the world food machinery and packaging trade exchange platform. The latter shows all food related five big content, and once again highlighted it as Southeast Asian food and beverage center trade platform role. In fact, the most convenient exhibition showing the economic strength and product elements, the most able to promote bilateral exchanges. These show that, India is continuing to carry out economic reform, its economic development has great potential. Let India's " tiger " to help Chinese "dragon ", " be a tiger with wings added " the co-development of win-win situation.

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